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Our mission is to educate, celebrate, challenge, and inspire Noblesville to be a welcoming and inclusive community that embraces all cultures and identities.

How Noblesville Diversity Coalition Began

How NDC Began
In February 2018, a group of Noblesville residents, leaders in the faith and business communities, and organizations came together to form the Noblesville Diversity Coalition (NDC) to build a more welcoming and inclusive Noblesville.

Racial tension and threats of violence nationally and locally exposed a problem that called for action. Noblesville Community School’s Superintendent, Dr. Beth Niedermeyer, invited representatives from the community, the Mayor’s office, local businesses, the Chamber of Commerce, faith-based organizations, parents, educators, and students to a community meeting. It became evident, Noblesville needed a collaborative community-wide approach to identify and address underlying issues contributing to bias, discrimination, and intolerance that lead to widening divides–racial, political, religious, economic, and more. NDC became a voice for change across all community sectors.

Noblesville Diversity Coalition Meeting

NDC focuses on education, learning, and engagement at the individual and community levels. During its first year, NDC hosted a series of events to spark community conversations about various topics related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. In just two years, hundreds of residents have joined NDC to increase their awareness, understanding, and engagement in various ways to make Noblesville a more welcoming and inclusive community.

In November 2019, NDC received its 501(c)3 nonprofit status.

Dana Randall“My hope is the work of a few will spread to many; everyone will join the courageous work of bridging divides, healing hurts, and building a shared future centered on equity and esteem for all.”

Dana Randall

Noblesville Diversity Coalition President

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