Become an Ally

by helping build a community where everyone belongs and thrives.

Lean In

Listen & Learn

Live it Out

It starts by choosing to lean in.

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The next step is committing to listen and learn.

Move toward real understanding and connection by committing to listening well. We cannot overemphasize the importance of listening.


Be Curious

Listen with a desire to understand and learn more about others’ differing beliefs and opinions.

Be Open

Question your assumptions and suspend judgment so you can hear different perspectives.


Be Uncomfortable

Be okay with feeling uncomfortable when encountering people with different backgrounds, cultures, and values.

Be Respectful

Engage by valuing and honoring others’ viewpoints and experiences.

Become an Ally Listen and Learn

Stretch your understanding and perspective

Embrace a spirit of curiosity, empathy, and understanding.

Attend cross-cultural plays, movies and events.

Read blogs, articles, and books from diverse authors

Attend Noblesville Diversity Coalition Events.

Subscribe to a variety of news sources and fact check.

Visit cultural and historical sites within your city and state.

Lastly, live it out

Change happens when we live it out.

Communicate in ways that draw attention toward understanding and away from division.

Think about what you are reading, hearing, and saying. How are individuals and groups of people being characterized?

Invite a friend or two to learn together

Volunteer and invite friends to join you at NDC events

Contribute to the mission of NDC by making a financial donation

Though small in their own way, all these efforts are needed to help Noblesville become a more welcoming and inclusive community. The work is not easy; results will not occur overnight. It takes patience, perseverance, and courage.

We believe, together, we can bring about lasting change.

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