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We host and participate in events to help us all listen and learn so we continue to make our community more inclusive and welcoming. 

NDC acknowledges the city of Noblesville and the surrounding area lies within the traditional homelands of the Miami Native American tribe.

Upcoming Events

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Annual Events

Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

Every February

NDC enjoys celebrating Black History Month through promoting various community events and sharing resources. Check out our events page and follow us on social media for ways to celebrate the contributions that African Americans have made and deepen your understanding of our Nation’s history.

Noblesville Cultural Celebration

Cultural Celebration


The Cultural Celebration is a wonderful gathering highlighting the diversity and inclusion that we desire to be a part of Noblesville. The event showcases the food, music, and other traditions of our community residents including Puerto Rico, Kenya, Venezuela, Belgium, Afghanistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Jamaica, West Africa, and more.

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